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Friday, 12.05.2017

Here we go! We're live with the new version! Open for business again, so send over those submissions! Here's to a great new start!


Friday, 12.05.2017

We won't be able to import all the old posts from the blog's old version right away. We're looking into providing a link to the old version for now before importing the classic content one after another.


Wednesday, 10.05.2017

The website has now officially reached beta status! Won't be long from now on. All we got to do is a whole lot of bugfixing and importing the old content into the new layout.


Tuesday, 09.05.2017

Reworking the layout of the website once again.


Thursday, 27.04.2017

Enough with the hibernation cycle... we decided to go online again! Still a lot of work to do until we can go live. The website desperately needs a new look, and the old data shoudln't be lost in the process. Several plans for that need to be implemented. Huge work ahead, folks.