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About kms

kms is a small german music studio focused on studio production. This blog is a division of kms where several audiophiles of kms, mostly Florian, Ralph and other freelancers, are writing frequently about the songs they are encountering.

Forget about the hardware or the technique used: it's all about the feeling

We're trying to approach every song from a different angle. Sure we'll have a look at how a song was done from a technical point of view (after all, it's what we do in the studio every day), but mostly we'll try to figure out what kind of feel is delivered along with the tunes. It doesn't matter what genre you're creating tracks in, or if you follow a certain pattern or considered all the do's and don'ts of music creation in the process - we feel that if the song grooves, it has to be advertised - and that's what we do.
On the other hand, this also means that if we don't like what we hear, we will say so. We'll be polite and professional, but - since we are independent and doing this on a free time, non-profit basis - we won't sugarcode any facts. Reading a couple of our reviews should give you an insight look of what this means.

There's one golden rule: keep things in motion out there

Last but not least: if you like any reviews you read here, please share it! Pass it on, be active on our social media channels, and help us to get good music out there! WE want you to be successful, YOU want to be successful - so it's only fair you consider helping us spread the word for other musicians out there. In the end, that's how it works, guys. ;)
Share our reviews and our site URL, connect with kms on facebook or twitter, discuss tracks with us there, to put it simple: spread your love for music!